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As part of Saturday’s drop-in service, people were also able get advice on how to reduce and keep their blood pressure under control, to further decrease the risk of having a stroke.

Grosvenor Centre Manager Ed Kennedy said he was delighted that so many people had visited the event and chosen to have their blood pressure tested. “Having a stroke can be truly devastating, so we were only too happy to have the Stroke Association here to help give our shoppers the best advice on how to reduce the risks,” he said.

“It’s essential that people get their blood pressure checked on a regular basis and I’m really pleased that we were able to provide shoppers in Macclesfield with the opportunity to have it done this weekend,” he said. “We believe that it is really important for us to host events such as this in the centre, and I’m pleased it was met with such a great response from our shoppers.”

Steve Smith of The Rotary Club of Macclesfield Castle, who ran the event, said: “Thanks to the generosity of Ed Kennedy and the Staff of The Grosvenor Centre we were able to hold our second Know Your Blood Pressure Day at the centre. The event was an outstanding success with 249 blood pressures being taken that resulted in 44 routine referrals to their GP and 20 urgent referrals.
“This year we were supported by Stewart Geary and four other members of Cheshire East Paramedics who volunteered their day off to take the publics blood pressures. The Rotary Club of Macclesfield Castle look forward to being able to hold this event at the Grosvenor Centre again next year.”

Alexis Wieroniey, Deputy Director of Policy and Influencing at the Stroke Association, said, “Estimates suggest there could be almost seven million people with high blood pressure who are undiagnosed and at risk of having a stroke.

“Many people have high blood pressure without realising it because it often has no symptoms. High blood pressure is far more common than you would think and it can be deadly, but it is treatable. With events like this, together we can conquer stroke.”

Macclesfield shoppers put health first